Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 11, West Wendover to Salt Lake City

I guess the sacrifice that we made of a small furry animal at the alter of the bike repair stand several days ago to the weather gods paid off today**. For a second day in a row, we had strong winds coming out of the west today.

The sky was overcast, the air very chilly. Perfect for putting in a lot of miles. The scheduled distance was 117 miles. As we bicycled past the casinos at 8AM, the flags were flapping in the wind. I remember from my Boy Scout days that that indicates at least 25MPH winds.

The ride today was across Bonneville Salt Flats and then the Great Salt Lake with a couple of mountain ridges thrown in for good measure.

I have a motto in biking, "when you live by the wind you die by the wind". On a day like today with the wind to your back, life is good, you're making great time, you're in your highest gear and you're talking about you're good fortune with your biking buddies. But the wind just needs to shift a bit and the road turns slightly and before you know it, you're in a strong cross wind or even worst; headwinds!!

A couple of times during the day we did get caught by crosswinds, but not as badly as we could have been.
We covered 118 miles today with only three stops. Two at the scheduled rest stops and once a the only gas station that we past for coffee. It's no wonder that with the wind and the flat terrine we arrived at the motel by 1:20PM. Alan and I then pedaled around the hotel a couple of times to round up the mileage to 120 miles.

Today's Stats:

  • 120 Miles
  • 1937 feet climbed
  • Average speed 20.3 MPH

** you really don't believe that we sacrificed an animal for the weather do you???

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