Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 2, Fairfield to Sacramento

Left, Right, Left, Right

The early part of the day was using rural farm roads to work our way to Davis. The planned route was pretty short, only 57.6 miles. Not too long if you have all day to do it.

Early breakfast then off. Down couple miles turn left, couple more miles turn right until we were at Davis. The pace was pretty fast so we got there pretty early. We stopped for coffee before heading off to find Redrum Burgers. We had it on pretty good authority that the burgers were not to be missed.

After lunch we headed off to the for the final leg of the trip, Sacramento. The distance was only 15 more miles to the Motel near Old Sac, most of it on a bike path that ran along the I-80. We stopped for shakes in old town. I headed toward the capitial to explore before heading off to the Motel that was near the river.

Daily Stats
  • Miles today: 57.72
  • Elevation Gained: 372 feet

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