Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 4, Alburn to Truckee

The theme for today must have been; climb we must!!!

The day was planned on being pretty long, 74 according to the route directions, but the hard part would be the elevation gain. We started out at about 6:30 and started climbing. Most of the roads we used were frontage roads to I-80.

The maximun a typical road will climb is about 6%. The roads we were on sometimes exceeded 12%!! When you are pushing you bike up hill every degree counts!!

I guess I made it a bit harder on myself by making a wrong turn. I went speeding down a really fun hill for 3 miles before I discovered my error, had to slog uphill for the 3 miles to rejoin the course.

We needed to eventually leave the frontage roads and get on the Interstate. Saying that riding next to tractor-trailers is exciting would be an understatement.

After what seemed to be forever, we finally made it to Truckee. The final numbers were:

Miles: 81
feet climbed: 8871

We earned a good night rest

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