Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 3, Sacramento to Alburn

It must be nice to live in the capital, a wonderful bike trail was right outside our motel. After a breakfast at Lyons, we jumped on to the path. For 33 miles we followed the winding path all the way to Folsom Lake. We even stopped to take photos of the prison.

The lunch was by the lake and soon we were off to Alburn, only another 17 miles to go.

The real treat was Alburn itself. I had coffee with a bunch of the other riders when we got there, but decided to explore the town a bit. Alburn is a old mining community with two museums. On a tip, I was directed to see the Amzons. A local dentist has created several large statues around town, but the most unsual are located in the parking lot of his office.

Another fine example of why you need to explore each town. Who would have guessed that this little town had ssuch fine art!!

Daily Stats:

  • 59.26 Miles
  • 2965 Feet Gained

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